Whole Hog Productions Barbecue Offerings



Pulled Pork: Meaty bone-in pork shoulder from grain-fed hogs, pit-barbecued for 8-10 hours to melting tenderness and incomparable flavor. Add a dash of Whole Hog sauce for the final touch and give thanks for that most useful of creatures, the well-fed hog.

Sliced Pork: Similar to pulled pork, but with a firmer texture and hand-sliced by Whole Hog's skilled carvers.

Ribs: Back ribs from the loin or spareribs from the belly, whichever you prefer. Hand trimmed to be extra-meaty and carefully barbecued using a selected mix of hardwoods. Perfectly tender, but not falling off the bone -- the ideal texture for a rib.

Brisket: The full cut (both point and flat portions), seasoned with our proprietary brisket rub and slowly barbecued for up to 12 hours. Sliced thin and best served unadorned, though also good with a dash of Whole Hog Sauce.

Sausage: Hand made by Whole Hog's head charcutier, Whole Hog sausage is a proprietary blend of hand-trimmed pork shoulder and seasonings, slowly smoked to perfection -- you'll know by the distinct smoke ring in every slice. Not for the faint of heart, Whole Hog sausage has a distinct peppery kick.

Prime Rib: We start with a USDA Choice grade (Prime is available on request) primal cut from the left side of the animal. Whole Hog's butcher then trims it carefully, leaving plenty of unctuous fat to baste the meat as it roasts, and breaks it down to the requested size (Note: minimum of three ribs; more is better). Roasted in a light smoke environment until medium rare -- you've never had prime rib this good. If requested, we can also rub with herbs de Provence to add an intriguing flavor note that is particularly good with béarnaise sauce (extra).

Salmon: Whole fish from cold Atlantic waters (head and tail on), up to 16 lbs.; we can also do individual sides as small as 2 lbs. The fish is given a light cure using Whole Hog's special salmon crystals then gently smoked using cherry or pear hardwood until just done. Excellent hot, cold or at room temperature, particularly with a drizzle of Whole Hog Sauce Verte.

Birds: Chicken, capon, turkey, duck and goose (special order). These bronzed beauties will take your breath away.

Special orders: We'll smoke 'em if you got 'em. If you ain't got 'em, we'll help you fetch 'em. Note: No endangered species or Labradoodles, please.



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