A Fully Integrated Suite of Barbecue, Welding
and Investment Banking Services

Whole Hog Productions provides a full array of barbecue, welding and investment banking services to the greater Bronxville metropolitan region.  


Barbecue is the core of Whole Hog Productions. There is simply none better anywhere.

It's the most elemental sustenance -- just meat, smoke and time -- and it marks man's transition from the primordial swamp to civilization. But without the expertise of a skilled and experienced pitmaster, it's just that -- sustenance.

At Whole Hog Productions, we elevate barbecue to its rightful place at the pinnacle of the culinary pyramid, where flavor, texture and aroma meet in in a point of gastronomic perfection.

In addition to barbecue, Whole Hog Productions also presents broad array of other offerings drawn from the world's classic culinary cultures and traditions. And, coming soon, our culinary education division will be available to impart the key techniques of these and other dishes to serious cooks on a personalized basis.


Welding is a natural adjunct to barbecue. Both involve transfoming raw materials into works of art using nothing more than heat and craftsmanship. And both are great for parties.

Arc, MIG, TIG and gas welding are all in our repertoire; plasma cutting will soon be added.


The welding division of Whole Hog Productions
is currently on hiatus. Please check back later.

Investment banking is handled by Whole Hog's affilated company, Broadwater & Associates LLC, a leading investment banking firm serving the media and information industries exclusively. The firm provides media and information companies and their owners with superior advice and execution in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, corporate finance and financial advisory services. The firm's principals have more than 60 years of collective media investment banking experience and have handled in excess of $15 billion in media and information industry transactions. A selection of the firm's recent transactions is presented here.



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