Barbecue is the core of Whole Hog Productions. There is simply none better anywhere.


Whole Hog barbecue speaks to the essence of the craft. No gimmicks, no shortcuts, no oddball "secret sauce" to mask an inferior product. Just meat, smoke, time and the careful attention that only a pitmaster with four decades of barbecue experience can bring.

We start with the finest meats sourced from premier purveyors. Hand selected and hand trimmed by Whole Hog's on-premises butcher, each cut is prepared to bring out its unique flavor and texture.

Our smoke comes from a variety of hardwoods harvested from the Whole Hog Productions grove by our field staff. Cherry, maple, hickory, pear and birch logs are hand cut and seasoned under controlled conditions to provide the perfect combustion temperature and aromatic essences.

Time is of the essence in barbecue. Gentle heat and fragrant wood smoke envelop the meat for hours to produce a perfect texture and incomparable flavor.

Experience brings it all together. Barbecue is an intuitive, almost mystical experience that can't be standardized, commercialized, pasteurized or socialized. Each cut of each animal needs -- and deserves -- its own unique treatment. And understanding the vagaries of wind and weather are is a critical to barbecue as they are to a sailing vessel.



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